Books in the Threads Series


The Ravellers Guild

The first novella based in the Ilyian Empire and is now available online for free! Download your copy from Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Apple or Kobo. Alternatively, click here for a PDF version or  get it from Amazonbut there is a 99p charge there. 

Chapter 12, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Tahnner grew up removed from the empire’s war. Ilyia was of little consequence until his father switched their allegiance and dragged him before the king, offering him up as a token of their newfound loyalty.

Indentured to the mysterious Ravellers guild, home of the notorious Thread Readers, his life goes from privilege to drudgery, except for at Rising and Setting, where no secrets can hide. He has to work to prove himself as a Raveller, not only for the king he is to serve, but also for the family he is loyal to.

First though, he must learn what the Threads are and why everyone fears them.
No secrets are safe in the gilding of dawn.



The Guild Keepers Law

Some people are content with the life the Threads give them. Freemen enjoy the luxuries of choice, whilst indenture can find security in the protection of a guild. Netti had never felt the same assurances. She didn’t care for her freedom being stolen from her.

Taken from Chalil as a child, she was forced to serve the Ilyian Empire. Not a day has passed when she has not resented her artesian training, longing instead for the white shores of her homeland and the family she was taken from.

Her situation becomes more precarious though, when Councillor Evenard, one of the most powerful men in Girona, notices her and elects to hire out her for his own ends.

How will she fair indentured to one of the people responsible for the enslavement of her people?

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