Outside of her writing, a life-long love of nature and a desperate need to understand life as we know it drove Rachel into a degree in Biology and later into doing a PhD. Now she’s graduated, she works as a science communicator – which is basically an excuse for her to get very excited and geek out about awesome science to anyone who cares enough to pay attention.

Rachel lives in London and is an avid fan of writing in public places. If you happen to see her manically typing away in a cafe whilst you’re out and about, feel free to say hi! You might also catch her whizzing past you on her bike as she cycles about, avoiding taxi’s and the dangerous antics of other road users!

She has several series on the go right now, but most of her stories aren’t yet available for general consumption. If you feel like dipping your toes into her worlds though, you should definitely check out ‘The Ravellers Guild‘.