How to still be a writer on days you don’t feel like writing

‘Write every day’
The mantra of established writers.
The impossibility of first time novelist.

It doesn’t matter what stands in the way of you and filling those blank pages with your carefully crafted masterpiece. Be it your job, family, writer’s block or your missing muse, some days the words cannot be forced out no matter how hard you try.

Often the problem can be boiled down to a simple matter of time. But when your busy schedule isn’t the cause, there is probably something else wrong. Something niggling at your consciousness, stopping the words from flowing.

Since I doubt I’m alone in this, I have come up with a list of what you can do as a writer when words are coming like syrup through a small-holed sieve. Different points may appeal to you depending on where you are with your author career, so pick a point and run with it. You can always come back for the rest the next time your fingers freeze on the keyboard.

  • Find the cause– Try to figure out what the problems with your story are that are stopping your progress.Ways to fix this:
    • Take a break. Go for a long walk. Yoga. Swim. Whatever your preference. Get away and let your mind wander.
    • Talk about your story. Often just trying to describe it can help you identify where it went wrong.
    • Find yourself a beta reader. Fellow writers will probably be a lot quicker at identifying problems with your story. Never underestimate the power of a fresh pair of eyes.
      Check out this link for how to get yourself some beta readers

There are still plenty of other ways to still be a writer without actually writing. These next ones are all important steps in the path to becoming an author which you may end up tackling at some point, so why not spend the time doing them when you’re struggling to write.

If all that fails to inspire you then chances are there is something outside your life as a writer which is demanding your attention. Whatever the cause, take the time out of your writing to deal with it.

Undoubtedly, if you want to make it as a writer then it has to be a top priority in your life. But succeeding as a writer requires knowing how to balance it with your other priorities. So take the time to fix the other problems in your life then get back to writing. The words will come more easily once you do!

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