Passionate historical stories on the verge of not being fantasy

These books are for when you are in the mood for something on the tamer side of fantasy. Blink and you might even miss the magical elements. These big books are for the day-dreamers, for when your imagination takes over and transports you so far into the story you forget you are reading words on a page.

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Outlander by Diana Gabaldon –At this point, you have probably watched the TV show and have no need of my recommendation, but on the off-chance you have no clue what I am telling you about, then keep reading. Controversially, I advise you to get the audiobook. I have recommended this book to several people over the years. The results? Those who buy the book find it alright. Those who listen to it in audiobook though, their world unravel before them as they listen to one of the greatest romances of all time. Davina Porter’s Scottish brogue made me fall in love with a fictional character, that is how fantastic this audiobook it!


The Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M Auel– Although there is little passion in the first book of the series, it was still a gripping tale. I loved how the author portrayed the prehistoric characters, Ayla’s world was terrifying and cruel yet I had to keep reading. This is probably the least fantasy book on this lists, with only the barest hints of the magical in the later books, but if you are looking to be transported into another world then it will certainly do that.


son-of-shadowsDaughter of the Forest by Juilet Marillier– I have recommended this book not only because of the heart-wrenching love story, but also because the second book in the trilogy is possibly my favourite of all time. I read Son of Shadows when I was fourteen. It was the first book I ever stayed up through the night reading. I grabbed two hours sleep then kept pulling the book from my bag in my lessons throughout the next day, much to the annoyance of my teachers. Based in medieval Ireland, Juilet Marillier transforms legends into mystical stories which will leave you weeping.

Excitement, adventure, love and ass-kicking

Male protagonists with wit and cunning I fell in love with

Passionate historical stories on the verge of not being fantasy

An unusual fantasy bursting with humour

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