What mood of Fantasy strikes your fancy?

Fantasy according to what you are in the mood for.

If you are anything like me, finding a new book is hard. Committing to invest your precious out-of-work reading hours into an unknown can often result in disappointment and abandoned, unfinished stories.

Sometimes I search for hours for a novel with a feisty heroine, one who goes through every torment the author can pull from the dark crevasses of their mind. Other days, I long for an unusual setting and quick wit to combine causing me to burst out laughing. More often though, I pick up a book and pray there will be a love story carefully crafted into the pages.

For me, what matters is not the setting, but the emotion the story invokes. I could root for a kick-ass, half-decayed zombie trying to claim New York for the moulding dead, as long as the author made me feel the same way for her antics as any of the princess, fae, vampire and book-loving librarian heroines I have adventured with over the years.

Some days, I am in the mood for a certain type of book and nothing else will do. Those are the days I end up shifting through the Goodreads’ ‘Readers also enjoyed’ section, hunting for a new one that fits my mood.

The results can be infuriating, filled with misplaced hope and wasted time. Which is why I have create this series of posts, to give you some of recommendations according to the mood these books put me in. Click the links below to check the lists out.

Excitement, adventure, love and ass-kicking

Male protagonists with wit and cunning I fell in love with

Passionate historical stories on the verge of not being fantasy

An unusual fantasy bursting with humour

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